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What Makes People Buy?
Posted on:Friday, February 5, 2016

Determining Your Why

The reasons people buy vary but most fall under these categories:

Good product, has purpose
Useful Service provided
Value-Added (more than expected)
Unique Offering (something others in industry don’t have)
Status (friends have or is a marker of class)
The latest and greatest
Hits chord of nostalgia
Reduced Price / Special Offer
Good aesthetics, thing of Beauty
Time Saver
Improves on a process
Provides assistance to Do-It-Yourselfers
It speaks to you (spiritually, creatively, life goals, etc)
Can improve your quality of life

Think about some of your recent purchases. What did you buy and why did you buy it? For continuous purchases, why was your patronage repeatable? Was it the brand? The convenience? The selection? What about one-time purchases? What made you choose that company or product? What did they offer that made them stand out? How did they present their product?

Before embarking on an advertising campaign, it is important to:

Know your product and what makes it special.
Know how you want your company to be perceived.
Create a “brand” that makes you identifiable and conveys your message.
Then, shout it from the rooftop using the tools available to you. Do it in a manner that reflects well on you and demands the attention you wish to create.

Making yourself memorable is key to your long-term success. Making yourself heard is the first step in getting there.


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