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To Be A Kid Again....
Posted on:Thursday, August 28, 2014

At least once as a kid everyone dreamed of having the most awesome fort or tree house in town. Some of us built our forts and kingdoms made of couch pillows and sheets on the living room floor. Maybe some old storage boxes were found empty and forgotten left for only the imagination that turned this brown recyclable into a pirate ship or an army base of some sort. As cannons were fired and princesses were saved time moved on and those ideas became realities. Those forts turned into our college dorms, which turned into our first apartments, then in turn went to our first homes being purchased and so on. Today we’d like to give ode to the lost and forgotten thoughts of battle fields and desolate islands. As unforgettable as it would be as a kid to have one of these tree houses, I personally wouldn't mind hanging out in one myself! These are some pretty awesome tree houses and forts!!!

Check out these ideas here:


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