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Heart Warrior: Overcome Your Fear
Posted on:Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The only obstacle on your path is fear.

This is the greatest problem to you energizing more love, happiness, health and yes - wealth. Learning to overcome your fear is a paramount life lesson for all creatures. Fear is not all bad. It does help us to be cautious. However, we can easily mis - read and over - react to people and circumstances while under daily stress.

We are hot wired to have fear to make quick decisions based on our animal instinct. This is known as fight or flight response. You may not be consciously aware of this; however, your subconscious pattern is triggering this response so often, it boggles the mind.

Every time a person approaches you in your whole existence, it comes up. Is the person a threat? Is there danger that could affect your survival? This fight or flight or associated fear complex may arise when you are thinking of beginning a new relationship or job. It may arise when you are traveling or changing residence. It may occur when performing in school or other social functions.

I have witnessed that many people (male and female) who hold a lot of fear inside the body - mind - energy field have unsatisfying love and sexual encounters, even while in a long term relationship or marriage.

The overall negative impact of fear is so great that it completely can block your real destiny and true self from manifesting.

We all can become fearless and master the dark emotions, thoughts and patterns this fear may bring while outside us, trying to creep in. One can also be filled with the brim of consciousness where you are afraid to socialize or leave your house.

There are many exact techniques that one may utilize to master the mind and emotions. We may not all be able to act or react like a Samurai or a ninja. I, however, believe you can become a "heart warrior." When you behold the truth of yourself and project it, this becomes very powerful.

The real you is the greatest you that you can become. Please enter the sacred temple of love in your heart. Relax your being, visualize a pure state, the real you that you want to know. Be bold, let that divine friend and true self become known by others. Your family and business associates. Keep focusing on "love and truth." Allow more and more love and truth to flow through you. Less and less fear. You will arrive at this fearless state. Give yourself time and space to experience the transformation.

Whoever reads these words will become a heart warrior. Teach and guide others. My hand and heart is reaching out to you now. let this "hand of God" heal you, help you, uplift and open the gateway to the beautiful and abundant divine you.

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