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Had trouble with a thief at JoJo's Massage
Posted on:Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do you have any idea how hard the work to give massage is? Then imagine having 6-8 customers every day. This is a hard job that a lot of people can not do. And my girls usually work 7 days every week for at least 12-14 hours every day!

Then today we have one bad man run away and don't want to pay.

That make me so angry!

I give up my whole life to do this job, to help take care of other people. Then someone try to steal from me? This is no good! I don't like!

I got his tag number. What do you think I should do? Put his car tag all over the internet?

I got him on camera too. Maybe I make youtube video.

I do not work for free.



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