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massage therapy on football Sunday!
Posted on:Sunday, September 11, 2011

I don't watch American football. I dont understand how they play. I just know when football is on, my massage business becomes slow! I have some customers say they play football. They think i should already know who they are. But I dont know.
I hope I don't hurt they feelings.

The football players always have big pain. This look like very difficult job, play football.

We do sports massage very well. Ancient Chinese technique can heal the body very well. We know how to open up your "meridians"

A meridian is a spot on the body that can let you heal very well if you can know how to open it up. The body have 7 meridians. Meridians are like doorway to allow energy in. When meridian not open, then your body cannot have good energy balance. No good energy balance mean you can become ill very easy. You can also have bad mood easy. We know how to open up your meridian with very good Asian Chinese Massage Therapy.

Well ok, after you finish watching your game, and you are very stress (I'm sorry Atlanta lose today), then you can come see us for good massage.

We will always be here to help you.



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