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How to Build Reel Games Using HTML5

4/3/2013 10:30:00 AM by Chetu Inc

Technology is changing every day.  HTML5 is not a new term in the industry, but have you ever wondered why HTML is getting popular day by day? What about the impact it will have in the gaming industry? In this blog we will try to answer the most of common questions and concerns that everyone has in their mind:

  • What is HTML5?
  • Can it really replace Flash (Action Script)?
  • How to create Reel games using HTML5 & Challenges faced

Deciding which tools to use for creating the game

A Few Important Facts About HTML5

HTML5 is the latest generation mark-up language being adopted by the W3C.  By itself, HTML5 as a mark-up language would hold little comparison to the interactive user experience of Flash.  What makes HTML5 interesting is jQuery and Cascading Style Sheet 3.0 (CSS). jQuery’s ability to manipulate the document object model (DOM) and dynamically change the style and behavior is where the rich interactive user experience begins.  It’s the power of the 3 together that make up the new “HTML5″ paradigm is what’s creating the buzz.

  • Why has HTML5 suddenly become more popular? It is due to the fact that it works on all platforms.  It includes all the iOS devices and Android devices/tablets.
  • Flash needs additional plug-ins (Flash Player) to run on any website, while HTML5 needs only a (modern) browser.
  • HTML5 is infant at this stage and Flash is a matured product in the market.
  • At this time Flash is the market leader which has 95-97% of market shares, while HTML5 has 4-5% of market share.
  • Today 30% of Fortune 500 Company’s web sites uses HTML5.
  • Normal end user will not able to tell the difference between HTML5 site and Flash based site.

Comparing HTML5 and Flash

These are two different products; HTML5 is not a replacement of Flash, currently.  HTML5 provides many features which are currently being provided by Flash.  Due to this reason many companies are adopting HTML5

  • HTML5 can be run on any platform, including iOS.  Due to this reason, HTML5 is the next big thing.
  • We don’t need to buy any software for the development purpose.  It will save good amount in licensing fees.  Native app development is always more costly than normal development.
  • End users don’t need to install any plug-ins on the browser to play the contents.

HTML5 Features

Previously, in order to implement a variety of simple functionalities, we needed to depend on the 3rd party API.  But now, we can achieve the same desired effect without using 3rd party products.

Other Features Provided by HTML5

  • 2D drawing API with the canvas element
  • API for playing of video and audio with the video and audio elements
  • API that enables offline Web applications
  • API that allows a Web application to register itself for certain protocols or media types
  • Editing API in combination with a new global ‘content-editable’ attribute
  • Drag & drop API in combination with a ‘draggable’ attribute
  • API that exposes the history and allows pages to add to it to prevent breaking the back button
  • Cross-document messaging with postMessage

Explore HTML5 Using This Diagram:

How to Create Reel Game Using HTML5

In order to create a reel game, we can definitely use HTML5.

  • In order to create game in HTML5, the developer needs to have good understanding of Java Script, JQuery and CSS3, as well as experience.
  • In order to create the game in HTML5, we will need a .Net resource to take care of the web service/WCF service, HTML5 (Java script +JQuery + CSS) for the UI development and graphic resource to create assets for the game.
  • The most challenging part of a reel game is to take care of the reel spinning effect.  Once we take care of it, all other tasks are relatively easy.
  • Animation will be taken care by the JQuery and CSS3 as it has few tags.
  • We can use REST in WCF/web service (we will use Jason).

Challenges We Might Face During HTML5 Game Development

  • It is important to note that HTML 5 standard isn’t finished yet.  It has been under development since 2004.  World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is still in process of making changes.  It will be standardized in 2014.
  • Each browser works in different ways.  Many times, things work fine on one browser, while it may not give correct results on another browser.  Example: CSS3 has few known issues with IE9.
  • HTML5 uses the CSS2 and CSS3, which has many known issues including performance problems.
  • HTML5 might create a debugging nightmare.  Many errors occur on the runtime.  It is not a language which can compile the code and provide list of issues.
  • At this time HTML5 doesn’t support 3D animation.
  • Peer-to-Peer networking is still currently not available for HTML5 (there are some workarounds).  But then again, you can develop a hybrid app which uses very little native code and relies mostly on HTML5.
  • Many developers claim that the audio feature of HTML5 has an issue.  Many times packets get lost and few browsers favor the type of the audio format used.  For example: Safari favors MP3.
  • In many cases Flash uses the CPU in much better ways than HTML5, in a head to head comparison.

In short HTML5 is the next big thing – once it becomes more mature and standardized.  But, even now it can be used for game development. HTML 5 and Flash have their own Pros and Cons. It is mainly recommended to use HTML5 for following reasons:

  • The object is to run the web site on various devices including iOS environment
  • It saves on license fees of the software (AS)
  • No need to install any plug-ins on the browser to run the web site
  • We are sure that end user is using latest version of the browser
  • You want to make a dynamic application which will adjust as per the device resolution
  • You don’t want to develop a code for the native app
  • If we want, there can be one code base which can run on all browsers


About the Author:

This blog is an opinion developed by Nikhil Koranne, Project Manager, with Chetu, Inc.

Chetu, Inc. does not affect the opinion of this article.


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