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unusually warm weather, good time for massage therapy to drain your sinuses

3/21/2012 9:24:00 AM by JoJo's Massage Therapy

unusually warm weather, good time for massage therapy to drain your sinuses Why are your sinuses clogged? Well, there is a couple of reasons this can happen 1) Allergies. What are allergies? They happen because there is a signal in your body that something is poison. Your body is trying to stop whatever it is from coming in. Why does your body think it is poison? because it may sit in your body and rot, once it rots, then it triggers something in your brain that anyhting that has to do with that is poison. For example: you eat an apple, part of that apple gets stuck in your intestinal track and does not exit right away and becomes rotten. Rotten apple is unhealthy, so your body wants to fight it. It remembers all the ingredients. So now you have an allergy to apples. The next time you eat an apple, your body automatically fights it. This is how allergies begin. How do you handle that? Sinus drainage massage will give you temporary relief, but a series of 10-12 colon cleansing sessions with a licensed and trained colon therapist (with their advice) will clean your body of anything rotten in your gut. A healthy person has 2-3 bowel movements every day. If the waste of whatever you are eating does not exit your body within 12-24 hours, it will rot and begin to give you allergies. If you are constipated, this is really bad. So clean your insides. You wash the outside of your body 1-2 times per day, right? You need to wash the inside of your body too. 2)Mold. Mold in your house, mold on your food (especially fruits), mold spores in the air., mold on your cigarettes, cigars, or Marijuana. Mold on your clothes and in your bed, mold in your bathroom, kitchen or even from a wet spot on your rug. The mold can get stuck behind your tonsil and in the back of your sinuses. Your nose reacts to the mold by trying to close the entrance ways (your nostrils). Mold is very difficult to handle, because it is microscopic and hard to kill. Use of hydrogen peroxide, (carefully and with advice from wellness doctor). There is a a colloidal silver nose spry (but don't use it for more than 10 days) that will help you body balance itself. When your body is fighting something, it releases a chemical called Histamine. Histamine is for fighting things in your body, but too much can make you die. For example, if you get a mosquito bite,the your body sends a lot of histamine to that spot. Histamine is why it becomes red and itchy. If you release too much Histamine, you can go into antibolic shock which can make all of your organs shut down. The only way to fight Histamine is with another body chemical called Adrenaline.. Adrenaline gives you way too much power and energy and should only be released in emergency situations. Too much release of adrenaline while fighting histamines will create a very weak and tired body that also has a very low tolerance for illness. 3) your diet... Too much mucus clogs your sinuses. Mucus comes from foods like milk, cheese, (anything dairy) processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup, many meats. Try a Vegan diet for about 3-4 weeks> Se if this will make you feel better There are more reasons for sinus trouble, but we will pick that up in another time, because this post is getting too long. Come see us for a sinus drainage massage for temporary relief. Like I have said in the past, don't use prescription drugs or over the counter drugs. Your body will fight anything that is not natural. Well, I hope this will help you JoJo Categories: massage massage benefits, my personal notes Trackback Link 0 Comments to unusually warm weather, good time for massage therapy to drain your sinuses:

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