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Get A Massage, Then Sleep Like A Baby!

11/22/2011 12:00:00 PM by JoJo's Massage Therapy

Get A Massage, Then Sleep Like A Baby! Why is sleep so important? Because that is the time when your body heals. Your Cortisol levels (high cortisol means high stress) drop to almost zero. A great battery charger. Are you having a hard time sleeping? Here's some tips for a good restful night Be a regular! Try to go to sleep at the same time every night. Your body will then become accustomed to the routine Wind Down. Try to make things quieter and calmer as bed time gets closer. DO NOT watch TV or play on computer before bed time. These activities activate your mind and will cause you extra stress and over stimulation. Now is the time to UN stress and DE stimulate. Resolve all the days issues. Nothing will keep you awake like having unfinished things to do or discuss. Try to finish all your activities and discussion to conclusions. Then you can sleep. Start going to sleep at 9 pm. Throughout our existence, when it becomes dark, activity becomes less. even in a single cell amoeba. It is natural to sleep when it is dark. Take advantage of natural healing hormones. Where do u get them? From your own body! Between the hours of 10pm and 2pm, your body releases natural healing hormones. The first four hours of your sleep is most important. But if you go to bed at 2am, then you miss out on all the natural healing energy. Use soft relaxing sounds to drift to sleep by. Soft music, machines with natural noises like ocean waves, or rain, etc. Just make sure that you set it up so any noises turn off about 30-45 minutes after u fall asleep. That way, they will not affect your dreams or wake you up when you begin to sleep lighter. Sleep in cleanliness. Clean sheets, washed body, brushed teeth, Clean room all help you feel more relaxed. Use an air purifier. Clean air, deep oxygen intake= deeper sleep Use an Ionic foot detox machine. getting toxins out of your body helps a lot Get regular massage. Massage Therapy gets your blood flowing, unstresses your mind and improves your inner organs. Get regular health check ups. Nothing can keep you awake like worry about your health. Certain issues will keep u awake. Be a good honest person. Do a good job. Be a good parent,spouse, employee or employer. A guilty conscience will keep you awake. Have a friendly or loving conversation before you go to bed. A good talk over the phone or in person will help you relax. Drink a good herbal sleep tea, like Valerian root Don't go to bed hungry. Be romantic. Sleep is very relaxing after a good night of romance. Romance is very good for the mind ,body and soul. It re generates natural life hormones and is good to feel at peace with the world. Cut back on Caffeine and spices. These all activate your liver, as well as too much alcohol. A nice bland meal with a lot of vegetables will help to calm your nights. If you cant sleep, just lay there, your body will adjust soon Do not take western medicine (chemical drugs). This will only give you temporary fix while damage your body in long run. So in general CHILL OUT! Learn to relax! Get into good winding down habits. Follow the above guidelines for better sleep, and you should be sleeping like a bay in no time! (about two weeks) Don't forget the Massage Therapy part! JoJo Keywords: massage sleep woodstock asian chill

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