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Swimming Is Good For You...JoJo's Latest Blog

6/25/2012 8:17:00 PM by JoJo's Massage Therapy

Posted On 2012-06-25 17:14:41 Why is swimming good for you? It has been proven time and time again that swimming is one of the most beneficial sports that you can think of partaking in. Not only is it great for your health and a good form of exercise but it can be considered one of the most fun sports to become involved in, whether it is going to the beach with friends or doing some lengths at the local leisure centre. Many people do not enjoy the pain and pressure on their joints associated with other forms of exercise such as running, so swimming provides a pleasurable and fun alternative to other sports. So why exactly is swimming so good for you? Swimming is great for your health Swimming works practically all of the muscles in the human body if you practice a variety of strokes and can help to develop a person’s general strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. When you go swimming you exercise almost your entire body including your heart, lungs and muscles, resulting in very little joint strain which can result in other sports such as running. Swimming is also great in boosting our immune system. The next time you take a dip at your local pool, notice that the temperature of the water feels cold at first. This is because the water temperature is almost always lower than that of the human body (~37 degrees Celsius). This difference in temperature increases the work of your cardiovascular system and in turn increases your resistance to colds and other similar ailments. Swimming is a great sport to support any weight loss program with the added advantage of not being as boring or repetitive as other sports. Swimming also has a positive effect on your breathing and so swimming is often suggested to asthma patients. The water pressure exerted on the human body increases with depth and influences the blood circulation through the human body, which in turn, improves your breathing. Rehabilitation of injuries Everyone knows that when you are in the water you have a sense of weightlessness, and it is this buoyancy factor that makes swimming the most injury-free sport there is. With your body weight being only 1/10 of what it is on land, it is no surprise that movement in the water is much easier. Swimming or exercises that are carried out when in the swimming pool can be used as a good form of physical therapy, gently relaxing and rehabilitating muscles and joints that have become stiffened over time. Pregnant women will also find that swimming and water exercises can help to tone and strengthen muscles that will be used during childbirth. Elderly people can also benefit from gentle exercise in the water as it is the safest form of exercise with very little impact on the joints. Social Sport Swimming is an exercise that you can enjoy doing with your friends while benefiting your health at the same time. Being able to have fun while exercising will make most people more motivated to keep the sport up. Whether it is down at your local swimming baths or a weekend at the sea side, swimming is a sport that you can enjoy doing while spending time with friends and family. Psychologically beneficial Many swimmers find that regular visits to their local swimming baths is a great form of stress management, allowing you to relax and let your mind wander far from all your worries. Swimming can act as a form of meditation where all you focus on is your stroke and has been proven to help give you more confidence, motivation and a better attitude. Going for an early morning swim can leave you with a sense of well being and leaves you refreshed to continue your day. Swimming is a great sport to combine with other land based exercises such as running as it allows the individual to take some of the impact off the body while elevating your heart rate. It is great when used as a cross training element to regular workouts and can be perfect for warming up and cooling down before or after a work-out. Cooling down with a swim after a work-out can help relax and unwind tired muscles Swimming is gaining in popularity and it is not surprising seeing that it is suitable for all ages, and for people who are swimming professionally to persons who have a disability. It is a sport that will work the entire body and leave you refreshed and rejuvenated to continue your day. It is a social sport that you can do with others and still keep up with the gossip in the mean time. Even when not intended, swimming for fun will burn calories and improve your overall fitness. If you are interested in partaking in regular swimming sessions but are unsure of medical issues please consult a physician first. Keywords: massage therapists woodstock asian chinese

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