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More info on Detox from JoJo's Massage

4/12/2012 6:47:00 PM by JoJo's Massage Therapy

678-388-8650 The Ionic Body Balancer was designed to provide relief from: Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Gout, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Edema, Arthritis, Lyme Disease, & to Relieve "Toxic Burden", by Removing Body Toxins, & Heavy Metals that aggravate & contribute to these "Painful Body Conditions" through their "Poisonous Effect" on Our Tissues & Organs. Many Beneficail Effects including: Energizing effect in chronic fatigue syndrome Increased energy, Less pain from Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Normalizing renal function Better sleep & A sense of well being. The History of the Ionic Foot Bath The history of the foot detox Spa is dated back to early Japan about 1600 years ago. They first called the foot detox an ionic detox foot spa or Ashiyu because villagers would soak their feet in a shallow hot spring. Where it all started was in the hills of Japan where according to ancient Japan legend, a group of sickly monks were the first to actually soak their feet in a passing hot spring while traveling through the mountains to a village where they could receive help of their illnesses. After resting for the night they headed on their way to the next village and when they arrived it was reported that they were no longer ill. Soon the healing power of the spring spread all across Japan and people were coming from hundreds of miles away to soak their feet for the healing power of the spring. Then it was discovered that any hot spring had the same healing power and the ionic detox foot spa became legend and it was practiced throughout Japan. Much the same as British King Bladud founded a natural hot spring in 836BC and turned it into a healing bath after it was claimed to have cured his ailments with high concentrations sodium, calcium, chloride and sulfate ions.These baths are still being used today by modern-day bathers who experience the waters seeking the healing power and eternal life. Detox Foot Spa Of Today The ionic detox foot spa we use today mimics the hot spring from ancient Japan as we still admire the healing power. With an ionic (iron producer) and natural herbs additives the ionic detox foot spa is as close as it gets. Claims that the ionic detox foot spa can actually help rejuvenate your health by removing fatigue and other stress-oriented illnesses has never been proven medically but then again not many studies have been conducted on natural detox foot spa and any that were are not current with the technology we have today. The Japanese and Romans must have seen and felt something or they would not have continued doing it for thousands of years.Our own research revealed that the ionic detox foot spa does not actually clean your body of any toxic wastes through your feet as many websites or companies claim. The water turns brown not because of toxins from your body but because of the electrolysis of the water while it’s churning. The water will actually turn brown without anyone in it.What we did prove is that it will relieve stress and fatigue.Keeping the temperature around 40-42 °C, for about 10-25 minutes per does energized the body as circulation is improved and more oxygen is pumped through the body leading to the claim for detoxification as body toxins are removed from the blood stream by the bodies own immune system. Also by adding a cheese cloth bag of natural ingredients such as peppermint, sage, dead sea salts, passion flower or poppies into the foot spa will help to make it more effective at treating skin allergies, dry and oily skin, fatigue, stress, insomnia, asthma, headache, rheumatism, arthritis, and the common cold. There are many different recipes that can be used for a ionic detox foot spa. Ionic Foot detox Ionic Foot detox BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!! May help you with gout, fibromyalgia, and a whole lot of other ailments!! Own your own Detox Machine Professional Model for $499.00 (retails for $699.00) set up and use in less then five minutes! for multiple units What do the Colors mean? The Govt makes us write the following, but you can decide for yourself. Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. JoJo's Massage Therapy, Inc. makes no medical claims and makes no statements of validation. Always consult with your professional health care provider before beginning any health care regimen. A Homemade Simple Detox Foot Spa RecipeIn a large pot bring to a 5 min boil:Add 1/4 cup of pine needles Add 1/4 cup of dried citrus fruit peel 1 green tea bag1 clove / 1 tea spoon of crushed garlicAdd 1/4 cup of Bamboo leavesCorn silk or maizeDried radish or carrot leavesOnce the foot spa is up to temperature (40-42 °C), strain broth into the detox foot spa, jump in and enjoy this ancient recipe.We provide this service with an Ionic Foot Detox machine the replicates a natural hot springs experience.A full detox program is four weeks long.Should be done every other day for 2 weeks, then skip a full week, than an additional week. If you follow this program and our diet regimen, then you will feel more refreshedYou must sign a health waiver. Not able to provide this service for those with pace makers.One thing that every agrees on is that an ionic foot spa detox is good in revitalizing or rejuvenating your health especially when herbs or some medicinal properties are added to the water and you will feel better after using a detox foot spa.

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