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Personal injury attorney Anchorage, AK
Posted on:Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our AnchAnchorage attorneysorage attorneys have a cPersonal injury attorneysombined practice experience

of  55 years. If a person due to someone else's fault, our attorneys in Anchorage are the right people to assist them. Our personal injury attorneys in Anchorage have helped thousands of people claim compensation for their injuries. Our attorneys have the expertise to fully assess the facts of your particular injury – including performing detailed reviews of medical records, accident reports, and other evidence to make sure your injury is fully and fairly valued. Attorneys at Pentlarge Law Group have extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies, medical providers and at-fault parties to get you full compensation for your injury, including lost wages, pain and suffering, payment of medical bills and money to cover any continuing needs that may exist.   


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