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A little about one way charter flights across the continent.
Posted on:Friday, October 30, 2015

We will be taking a look at some of the finest airliners that offer private charter services across the Pacific Ocean. If we talk about New York to London private jet services there are a lot of US to Europe private jets providing companies that offer a host of extra features along with the benefit of travelling first class.

Often when it comes down to the most common airway for private jet charters, New York to London private jet is the most prime and preferred route as it is the most common route that connect two of the most developed metropolitan cities across two different continents, let it be a business meeting or just for fun, this route is the busiest and most commonly used route among all thus making it the most common gateway to enter either Europe or the States.

One way private charters are something that has been in practice for a long time, these charter aircrafts boast first class features along with a well trained crew that is trained to understand and look after all the passengers on board. Most private charters also offer premium chef services within the aircraft that carter’s the passenger’s needs, while these services are rather common for most airliners what we have seen with Transexec private charter is that they offer a very sophisticated spa service for their customers.

Most private charter services fly at premium hiring rates or at per hour rates that suit’s their customer better, in case of hiring rates what we have seen is that aircrafts are hired for a specific period of time such as in case of one way charter flight the jet plane can be hired for a specified number of hours or the customer can choose to pay in terms of per hour where they have to pay only for the number of hours they have taken the services of the airlines starting from when they enter their aircraft.


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