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Sale- Lightweight Oversized Blanket Scarves through Sept 12
Posted on:Tuesday, September 1, 2015

For one week, save 12%-20% on a selection of wholesale Lightweight Oversized Blanket Scarves. This on-trend fashion accessory can be worn throughout the seasons and serve as an ideal way to keep the chill out as we transition to Fall.

Your customers can wear the scarves over their shoulders or tie it up around their necks, until they’re warm or just roll it around their necks a la tube scarf. With our lightweight fabric, they can layer more than one scarf and mix and match prints. Your clients will also look beautifully adorned wearing these lightweight oversize scarves as a sarong or swim-suit cover up.

A chic way to make a statement. And with our sale, these wholesale scarves are even more affordable.

Buy Lightweight Oversize Blanket Scarves at 12-20% off through September 12.

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