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Posted on:Wednesday, November 9, 2011

As fall is upon us, it's time to begin thinking about preparing for spending more time during the winter months indoors.  As a few helpful tips for allergy, asthma or MCS sufferers preparing for winter -

Replace you HVAC/Furnace filter - This can reduce allergens circulating through your home and keep your furnace running longer.  Achoo carries several full lines of 3M Filtrete filters in size that you cannot find in big box home improvement stores.

Consider purchasing a humidifier - Heating during the winter can often leave the inside of your home too dry for comfort.  Relieve dry skin and cracked sinuses by using a humidifier.  AchooAllergy carries the top brand in humidifiers, Air-O-Swiss.

It's never a bad time to begin using a HEPA air purifier - In modern, tightly sealed home, the indoor air quality can be even worse than outdoors.  To remove allergens like pet dander, dust mite allergen, mold spores and dust from the air you breath, take a look at a HEPA air purifier.

Stop by our showroom to see and try many of our products.  Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is available to answer all of your questions and concerns.  And remember, stay warm!


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