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Different Types of Concrete Crushers Widely Used Today
Posted on:Saturday, June 10, 2017

We are now familiar with various construction materials used nowadays. However, one that particularly excels in the present-day structural design and construction is concrete. Without this hard building material composed of sand, gravel, cement, and water, it might not be possible to construct skyscrapers, highways, dams, defense installations, and lots of other important structures of contemporary society. In North America alone, every construction project generates huge amounts of concrete waste that needs to be recycled or safely disposed of. Because of the ever growing demand for concrete, there is the need to recycle old concrete by means of crushing, screening and hauling. Here, a concrete crusher comes into play and we’ll take a look at different kinds of this heavy equipment below.

The role of a concrete crusher is to break down big blocks of used concrete into smaller pieces that can be recycled or disposed of in a more effective way. This process is usually gone through several phases. In the first phase, smaller pieces of concrete are generated by crushing large blocks with the help of a jaw crusher. The functioning of this type of crushers closely resembles the process of chewing. Capable of breaking down every size of concrete blocks, these machines feature a tapered chute or slideway made with two reinforced metal plates. One plate remains fixed in position, whereas the other one moves back and forth. As the concrete blocks pass through the chute, they are crushed into smaller pieces that ultimately fall through when they get adequately small.

When the concrete needs to be smashed further, other types of concrete crusher are put to use, namely impact crushers and cone crushers. Each type has its own mechanical way of crushing the concrete.

Impact crushers operate on the principle of exerting a striking force. They come in two variants: horizontal and vertical shaft mechanism. In a horizontal shaft impact crusher, the concrete hold in a metal container is broken down by hammers fixed to a rotor and thrust out of openings in the side of the machine when the appropriate piece sizes are attained. This machine is more desirable for softer materials. On the other hand, a vertical shaft concrete crusher works by applying velocity instead of the surface force. In this machine, concrete blocks are thrown against a hard interior surface by a high-speed rotor and get smashed. The harder the concrete collides with the internal wall, the smaller the pieces will be in the end.

Cone crushers feature a narrowing, bowl-shaped area with a revolving spindle that rotates as it turns. When concrete enters at the top of the machine, it is broken down into smaller and smaller pieces as it keeps going down into smaller openings. Finally, pieces get small enough to fall via a sloping channel and into a hopper.

Since concrete will continue to be an essential building material for many years to come, the role of a concrete crusher will continue to exist as well. If you’re looking for innovative crushing companies in the USA in general and Florida in particular, then Rockpack Inc. certainly stands out from others.

Based in Orlando, this leading company in the heavy equipment industry offers on-site concrete crushing, screening, and hauling in a timely and efficient manner. They not only recycle old concrete, but they also carry out asphalt and aggregate material recycling using mobile crushing and screening equipment. Rockpack can supply recycled crushed concrete, sand and road base, and 57 stone gravel for back fill, parking lot or reconstruction. They also have new and used concrete crushers for sale. You can contact them for high quality heavy equipment for weekly and monthly rentals too.


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