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Benefits of Dynamic SMS Marketing By TXTImpact
Posted on:Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The platform for SMS Text Marketing provided by TXTImpact allows dynamic communication between a business and its customers. The SMS Marketing Software allows businesses to collect a directory of mobile numbers used by various customers, their names, e-mail addresses, building codes or zip codes and much more. Once the details are collected, mass text messages can be sent to subscribers with the convenient web applications or various other tools designed by TXTImpact. The messages can contain group discounts, promotional discounts and many more.

Why SMS Marketing Is Growing In Popularity?

The reason why SMS Text Marketing is becoming popular in the market is its ability to create a very proactive marketing channel between a business and its customer base. In advertising, the business has to wait for a considerable amount of time to measure the effectiveness of the promotion because the end user has to put in a lot more effort to get in touch with the particular business. SMS or Text Marketing offered by TXTImpact provides customers with an option to immediately respond to the promotion. Hence, businesses can draw up their demand planning based on the how many responses they get. This eliminates a lot of overheads for companies in the form of promotion costs.

The other advantages of using SMS or Text Marketing offered by TXTImpact are-

• It provides customers the flexibility to respond according to their convenience.
• Companies using this service do not lose businesses in case if they misplace the contacts. All the requests for SMS are stored along with the respondent’s personal details.

Characteristics of the SMS Marketing Software Offered By TXTImpact:

As discussed above, this software opens up a variety of features for businesses that purchases this software. Some of the key characteristics or features seen in this software are –

• SMS Auto Responder – This allows end-users to ask for real-time data with the help of SMS or text messages.

• Text-to-Join – Using the SMS Marketing Software from TXTImpact allows businesses to build a dynamic SMS Marketing list.

• Text to Win – Helps in creating contests that encourages customers to reply often to the promotional messages.

• Web Opt-in Forms – This allows businesses to collect the details of customers using social media and customized online forms.

• Remote Broadcast – This software can promote goods and services even if the user is not in front of a computer.

From the above-mentioned points, it is very clear why businesses should go for the services offered by These services not only increase the sales volumes and revenue, they also radically enhance the value of the brand of the business. So, if you are a business who is trying to make an impact in the market place, you can reach us at (800)-605-0280 and we will be glad to help you in finding the right service that fits your business.


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