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Brooklyn Pediatrics, Best Health Care for Your Newly Born.
Posted on:Thursday, October 6, 2016

The most important aspect of a child's life is his/her healthcare. Healthcare and medical consciousness today can sure help the child to have a better and healthy life. A modern day clinic has become nothing more than a business. The patients are more often seen as clients and instead of proper healthcare all they get in return are bills and prescriptions. At Brooklyn Pediatrics, each child is given special care and every family’s needs are kept in mind, throughout the diagnosis. Under the leadership of Dr. Dua who has over 35 years of experience to his credit, the staff always aim to make your stay comfortable and requests catered to. Pediatrics Brooklyn are very family oriented and the child care services are offered for children of all ages.

The reports are well drafted for the parents so that each diagnosis conveys all aspects of the current condition of the health of their child. Pediatrics Brooklyn are located at Scott Medical Center, 2035 Ralph Ave, Ste B-8, Brooklyn, NY 11234 (b/w E 72nd St and Ave K).

Dr. Dua is a very valued practitioner, it is even evident from the affiliations he has with the following hospitals that affirms his expertise as a pediatrician: Kings County Hospital Center; New York Methodist Hospital; Brookdale Hospital. Pediatrics Brooklyn cater to all sort of needs of a family with children. Vaccinations, that too timely vaccinations are very important for a child to have the immunity to live as a strong individual in his life, by avoiding known diseases. They provide regular vaccinations for children and help the children to avoid diseases and ailments like chickenpox, mumps, whooping cough, measles, flu, Hepatitis A etc. There are a little less than 20 type of vaccines available so that the child can be protected in his early and crucial stage of life.

As the stress is on the fact that the best possible healthcare should be provided to every child. The satisfaction level of people visiting this absolutely amazing pediatrician’s clinic in Brooklyn is very high. Of all the kids, the parents of the new born kids are the most anxious, though they may not even be first time parents. There is no limitation on advice and assurance. Getting frequent checkups is a very wise thing to do to detect any infection in its earlier stage. Answers to your questions and vaccination consultations for your newborn are also provided.

At times, parents are very anxious and nervous, if their child needs medical attention. Realizing that, all the questions asked by the parents are promptly answered and a level of comfort and trust is what is being eyed for. If a family has any special needs, all they need to do is to say and their requests would be catered to in the best possible way.

There are kids who require special medical attention as well, since they develop conditions which hampers normal growth. At this point, not only the kid, but also the family requires special care and timely guidance. All of these things are very carefully attended to, keeping in mind the special needs and special nature of every individual case. As for autism, neuro-developmental disorders and behavioral disorders, there are special developmental – behavioral pediatrics program, which help in its diagnosis. The sooner you know what the ailment is, the sooner a treatment can be planned and initiated.

Children do need care, which is second to none. Every pediatrics should reflect that thought.


Your child’s healthcare is most important and proper diagnosis in order to avoid any disease plays a crucial role in determining the health of that individual in the long run.


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