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Spread Your Business to More People With Less Effort Use Virtual Office
Posted on:Friday, November 11, 2016

A virtual office is a blend of various techniques and technology coming together with an essential boost for the Information age. The concept can apply to multiple business models as it offers flexibility and efficiency. From the looks of it, such a term may imply some kind of space utilisation but the complete package also includes professional live communication. So there are two aspects to these services the one is the physical address and the location, on the other hand, there are communication services.

Communication services would imply that a small business can own or lease a high-profile reputed address in a city of its choice. The difference is the cost since it is just the address that is being owned or rented not the physical building. The cost comes down to just a fraction of buying or renting cost of such an address. There are many more services spurred into action due to the availability of advanced technology. Remote receptionist, virtual assistant and voice mail are some of the advanced services that come along with the communication services.

Space services would imply services such as:

  • Professional address: One doesn’t even have to be limited to a single high-value reputed address, in accordance to the service provider it’s possible to use addresses in multiple locations suiting your own business requirements as different markets may have different strengths in varying locations.

  • Mailing address: These services are not to be confused by a PO Box, there is a huge difference as the business address is to be used just like a normal company would use for their day to day business. Unlike a PO Box, this concept even expands your brand name by associating it with reputed business addresses.

  • Open envelope scanning: Technology makes this even more comfortable, as a digital dropping place could be decided like drop box or email address. All the mails and letters received by can then be opened and scanned, scanning a document means creating its digital instance and then these can be sent over the internet. To maintain the confidentiality all the scanned mails are shredded unless of course told to do otherwise.

The list of services is a never ending one as new features making life more easy and comfortable for a subscriber keep on joining the existing services courtesy of the advanced technology and internet generation.
Applicability of this concepts benefits the small and growing corporations a lot. This is like taking 10 steps ahead in making a mark on the market at a cost far too less than it would have been in the conventional methods. This cost cutting in running the business creates wider profit margins and helps the business bloom. There are some exceptional service providers like the Qwirk (Coworking and Collaboration) that help you to make it happen. Located in Downtown, Columbus, Ohio – Qwirk is the way to go for all your requirements in regards to a virtual office.
Offering subscriptions that suit needs of different business models and organisations. The plan most suitable for your organisation can be easily selected, for more details visit:
There are additional benefits and offers that follow a subscription. Discounts on meeting rooms and conference rooms. These rooms are very professional and equipped with the latest facilities that may be required during any official proceedings. Apart from discounts, on the mentioned facilities, inside Qwirk there is free internet, the internet being the basic requirement of any business with little or a lot of presence online, makes it a cut-throat deal to use the services offered by Qwirk. There is a trial period, in which one can make themselves at work at Qwirk and see how things roll.


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