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Intensify Solutions and why you need to simplify your website and web design
Posted on:Wednesday, December 23, 2015

As a business owner you know that is a must to have a web presence. Having a Facebook page only is not the right way to have a web presence. Yes, we know you like Facebook because you can check on your friends but you need to have your own website where your customer can go and get all the latest information about your product or the service you offer. But what type of website is the right one? What if you like tiger stripes and you want your website to be covered with tiger stripes because you think it ads to the appeal of your web design?

Reason #1
Include something catchy about your product or service in the top right corner of your website.

It is a proven fact that people don’t read everything that gets in front of them. Instead they “scan” the information presented to them in search of quick way to get straight to the point. It has also been scientifically proven that people’s brain will scan the text in front of them from the right side to the left. Let’s use that information to our advantage and remember to include something very catchy on the right top corner of your website. So if you are a cake baker and you make everything from scratch a catchy way to pass the “scan” could be by displaying a message like “The only Cakery Bakery in Oklahoma city that starts the day from scratch”.

Reason #2
Find an easy and approachable way to tell your future customers of why you are the one for the job but in the shortest possible way.

Before you write down half of a book of information that your future customers will not understand think about how to simplify it all. No matter what type of product or service you offer, you will have to put yourself in your future customer’s shoes. You will need to try to think about the easiest way to describe what you do or offer, why you are the obvious choice, and how your product or service will benefit your client. After all, if you were just became a new client to your business and you had no idea why your product or service was so awesome you would expect an explanation. The catch is you need to give a short, to the point explanation that is simple enough so anyone can understand and you need to do it in a trustworthy and relatable way. Don’t use jargon, that is just not classy.

Reason #3
Keep it simple! You can write an entire book but if the content is not good then what is the point?

The fact that you have an entire page in front of you on your computer screen doesn’t mean that you have to fill it all with text or images. Remember the golden rule, less is more? Well it is. It is a proven fact that people get overwhelmed right about the 100th word count per page. Paragraph score even lower, with approx 37th word count. It is ok to have empty “clean” sections as long as your flow from one point to another is smooth.

Reason #4
Quality content is the key.

If you think you need all this content because Google loves it and it will help you rank high, well that is wrong too. Google has their own criteria of what they expect from every website out there to have as information. The point is, it can be short information but must be relevant to your product or service and the content needs to change often.

Reason #5
Do not lose the soul of your business because at the end of the day that is what will help you connect with your future sale leads.

The point of simplifying is to keep your future customer’s attention to your product or service. But no one said that it has to be boring. Therefore I strongly suggest to keep your soul and your “persona” when creating your website. The web design company that you will use to help you build the correct web site presence for your business, have to keep in mind the “voice” of your product or service and build your web presence based on that fact.

It is hard to figure out how to see the right things in very few words. Use different color scheme to make it different and interesting but keep it simple and SHORT. Intensify Solutions offers expertise in creating simple but elegant and approachable website design that are build with SEO rules and specifications in mind. Call today for your FREE consultation.


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