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Why Hire an Online Music Instructor?
Posted on:Thursday, September 22, 2016

If you're tired of the rising gas prices, finding a good instructor close by, or getting stuck in traffic every time you drive to a studio for a lesson, you should consider taking your music lessons online. With high-speed internet connectivity and high-definition multimedia hardware, having to get to a location to be in a lesson is not as appealing anymore. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

Saves time One of the most obvious benefits to taking an online course to learn a musical instrument is to minimize travel to and from a studio. The hour spent sitting on a bus or driving to a lesson could be better spent practicing instead. If you want to squeeze a music lesson in between getting home from work to sitting down to dinner, you can with 30- or 60-minute sessions. Instead of stewing in traffic, you would be using your time more efficiently for productive practice.

Allows flexibility Instead of scheduling music lessons around what's available at the studio, you can instead schedule music lessons around your own timetable, a boon if you're trying to juggle home and work responsibilities while training to be a music professional. Additionally,you do not have to find care for siblings while taking your child to a lesson and siblings will not have to wait in the car during the lesson. Because you have the control when to take the lessons, you also have more control over your learning experience: You can choose an instructor that's better suited to your skill level and personality.

Fewer missed lessons Since you can set the time that is most convenient to you, the chances of missing lessons are minimized. Practice makes perfect, but the key word there is 'regular' practice. Even if unscheduled events come up, you'll be in a better position to rearrange priorities so you still have the same amount of practice no matter how busy your week gets.

Learn at your own pace With online music lessons, you can always scale your practice up or down depending on your circumstances. If you find it hard to master one lesson, you can devote more time to it as your schedule allows, and step up to the next level when you are ready.

Broader range of lessons Your city might not always have a banjo instructor just around the corner, but you can be pretty sure that there are many instructors available online to teach at various skill levels. Because your music lessons are no longer just limited to a 20-mile radius, you may even get higher quality lessons from instructors with world-class credentials.

Cost-effective The gas money you spend on trips can be channeled to more lessons instead. Plus, if you spend a good part of the hour just to travel to and from the studio, you're losing time that could have been spent earning more.

More instruments to choose from Not sure whether to become a violin virtuoso or a guitar geek? Try your hand at various musical instruments to see which ones sing to you. You cant always do that if your pool of instructors in one geographical area is limited, but with an online education portal like Live Music Tutor you can dabble from one instrument to another until you find a perfect fit.


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