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Hardwood Flooring Ocala
Posted on:Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Typical hardwood flooring can be installed over concrete that is below or at ground level. Contractors can also put hardwood materials on a plywood sub-floor that is on or above a home‘s foundation. If you need a hardwood solution for your home, you must choose a proper construction and style.

¾-Inch Solid Hardwood Floors

A ¾-inch hardwood material is the most common option. Installers must place each slab over plywood because the material will expand if it is exposed to moisture. A ¾-inch hardwood can be installed in a crawl space if a moisture barrier is placed underneath the foundation. The barrier will control any moisture that travels from the soil into the home.

5/16-Inch Solid Hardwood Floors

When compared to ¾-inch hardwood material, 5/16-inch flooring is much slimmer. Because the wood is solid, it cannot be installed in a basement. However, a technician can glue the material to concrete that is at ground level. Moisture barriers and urethane adhesives will be used during the installation process.

Engineered Hardwood Floors


Engineered hardwood flooring has a cross-layer pattern, so it can easily mitigate possible moisture problems. This is why the wood will never expand like 5/16-inch and ¾-inch supplies. Engineered flooring is also more affordable because less material is used during the manufacturing process.

Locking Hardwood Floors

A locking hardwood material is basically an engineered hardwood. The only difference is that locking hardwood has a unique system that locks each slab in place. Installation is fast and efficient because nails, staples, and glue are not required.

Style Options

Most supply stores sell domestic and exotic hardwood materials. Maple and oak are popular domestic options. Bamboo and cork are well-known exotic woods. Each hardwood material has unique grain characteristics. For example, the grain pattern on a maple wood is subtle, but the pattern on an oak material is very distinguished.

Modern homeowners typically choose domestic wood because domestic materials have more color options. Exotic woods have limited color choices since the materials are not stained during the manufacturing process.

Each hardwood flooring option has a certain grade. Select and clear grades have a clean look. Cabin and Millwood grades typically have knots and unique color variations.

If you live in the Marion, Alachua or Citrus County and are looking for quality hardwood flooring ocala, give Grubbs Wholesale Flooring a call at 352-433-9404 to set an appointment with one of their experienced staff members. Their family has been providing quality wood flooring to Ocala and the surrounding area since 1985.


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