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How to tell when you have a leak
Posted on:Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Start with the water meter.

If you are ever concerned with a possible underground plumbing leak, the water meter would be the first thing to check out. In this article I will discuss a more common analog meter, kinda looks like the face on a clock. First indication of water leaks or usage is the little red star shaped piece. This is referred to as a "low flow indicator". It will rotate whenever water is flowing through the water meter. If this is moving you either have a leak or water is presently being used in the home, irrigation, or swimming pool (if applicable). The large red hand on the meter face can tell you the rate at which its flowing. the numbers along the bottom are total gallons used. the last digit is always zero because any volume less than 10 can be read on the face of the meter (red hand). As a homeowner the only real concern you should have is the little red star rotating. In the event that the low flow indicator is rotating. Check sinks, toilets, or any hoses in the yard. If all water seems to be off, chances are you may have an underground leak. For pool or spa owners, check to make sure the automatic water leveler isn't running. Contact a leak detection expert in your area to have your plumbing checked out and that hidden leak found before any potential damage occurs.

Irrigation Timer

Most of the homes I inspect for leaks due to high water bills have irrigation leaks. I'm probably putting myself out of work and making my competitors mad by revealing this, but, if you shut you irrigation off and your water meter is still running, chances are you have a bad irrigation valve. Simple to find and simple to fix. Most times an irrigation vale will fail either due to a worn diaphragm or a worn solenoid. Best news is both can be replaced without having to dig up and re-plumb the irrigation manifold. Most irrigation repairs can be made by homeowners, but if you are ever unsure contact a professional.


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