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Six Dangerous Situations for Realtors That May Not Have Been Considered
Posted on:Monday, August 17, 2015

You may think it looks like a glamorous job. However, there are dangers in being a realtor. These dangers are particularly worrisome to female realtors.

Here are six dangerous situations that realtors might not even consider:


Entering Foreclosed Properties

Foreclosures can attract the uninvited: trespassers, squatters, wildlife, former home owners or anyone else who knows the property is supposed to be vacant. Often foreclosed homes get damaged. They are poorly lit; this causes potentially deadly personal safety hazards.


Meeting Potential Clients

Every new client meeting has the potential to be the worst blind date in history. You don’t know these people. You have no idea about their background or motivation. You could be meeting with a criminal, a stalker, a thief, or a serial killer.


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