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History of Bath Spa University
Posted on:Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bath Spa University is a leading educational center for creative professionals, where special importance is given to the creative part, the study of culture, business and education. The university is located in the city of Bath and the surrounding area (England, United Kingdom). Currently, the University of Bath Spa is on the sixth place in the country in the number of training programs for teachers and educators. The university ranks high in the rankings and it was in eighth place in the list of the best new university in 2016 according to the wording "Sunday Times". For 2014-2015, the university was placed on the sixth place in the list of the best universities in the teaching of creative disciplines in the United Kingdom.

Information about the university:

Founded: 1852
Location: South West England
Number of students: 6275
Satisfied students: 84%

Due to the relatively small number of students you can enjoy a close-knit and friendly team and take advantage of regular communication with teachers. Today at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate university study about 7000 students from more than 80 countries.


The establishment dates back to 1852, the year when the Art School was founded by Bata. The concern of the United Kingdom Government and the successes of the foreign design industry at World Expo 1851 played a great role. In 1946 on the campus of Newton Park College of Education was opened Bata, which was created as part of the post-war government's plan to eliminate the shortage of teachers in schools through annual retraining of former military personnel. As the Bath Spa University is recognized as a leading educational center in the South East of England, in 2005, they decided to assign it the official status of a multidisciplinary university.
Due to its long tradition and the quality of teaching, the university is among the leading universities for training in bachelor's and master, and it offers a superior education for the citizens of the United Kingdom and other countries. Particular attention is devoted to the creative professions, culture and enterprise.

According to independent surveys, the students from the United Kingdom and other countries regularly confirm satisfaction study in our university. The National Student Survey of the United Kingdom 2015-2016, more than 90% of graduate students said they were satisfied with training in Bath Spa, so the university entered the top twenty universities in the country on this indicator.

About the Author: Mikkey Ross is a blogger at He writes reviews for magazines in NY. He got a major «Music art» after graduating from the university in NY.


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