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Birthday bash with my sister
Posted on:Thursday, November 5, 2015

Me and my sister are inseparable as siblings. We are twin brother and sister. She is a few minutes elder than me but really makes it count when it comes to deciding about something. This time, say the venture for our birthday party. As it falls on the same day, we have to decide the place and she chose cashdrgames. It is one of the most happening places in McKinney and nearby area but we have never been here before. So we all set up for the place and headed straight into it. May types of people were there enjoying themselves which could be seen from there own faces. There were all kind of rides and games in the park. Majority was held by inflated games which covered the park with their vibrant colours and giggles of children having fun in them. Obviously we first went for the regular bounce. We climbed on the bounce with other children. As my sister is good at making friends, she was around lot of others real quick. I was soon following her all the way around the bounce hopping behind her like a kangaroo. Then we go on to a similar type of bounce game called mega obstacle. Everything was same as of there are in the inflatable games except for the obstacles in between the way around the bounce. Children were having a blast in the mega obstacle and as we hop onto it, there was much of fun awaiting for us. There we met our second cousins.   Meeting your cousins on your birthday accidentally. That is something next to awesome. Then we spent rest of the day together. Such is the game called surf and slide but with the twist of water in it. It is a lookalike of a normal slide but in a bouncy way with slippery water splash. Then we were enough with the bouncy things and went for some video games in a game truck rental. There we spent a couple of hours which were gone like a second. It was a blast we had on our birthday which made it memorable and really awesome for the first time we spent a whole day together without fighting with each other.


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