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Facing Tooth Extraction? Learn About the Consequences
Posted on:Monday, April 13, 2015

Tooth loss is very common and many people will have lost one or two teeth as they progress through life. It is tempting to think of tooth loss as being inconsequential but each tooth does have a particular function to perform and helps its neighbors to stay in the correct positions. Your front teeth are called anterior teeth and are designed to cut into food, while your back or posterior teeth help to grind up food so it can be swallowed and digested more easily. Your teeth also help maintain the vertical height between your upper and lower jaws and this is very important. If height is lost, either because teeth have been extracted or worn down, then this can affect your jaw joints, increasing stresses on these joints which in turn can lead to pain and discomfort.

Effects of Tooth Loss on Appearance

A gappy smile only tends to be appealing on small children and tooth loss in adults will not only affect a smile but also facial appearance and structure. The loss of height between the upper and lower jaw can cause the facial features to collapse inwards. This affects appearance and the facial muscles and skin. Wrinkles can increase and the corners of the mouth may begin to turn downwards. This can be particularly evident if you lose back teeth, as your front teeth are not designed for chewing and trying to eat food can place additional pressures on them, causing the teeth to begin splaying outwards. Even though the loss of back teeth isn’t always particularly visible, the consequences can almost be more severe than losing front teeth.

Effects of Tooth Loss on Diet

When you lose several teeth it can make mealtimes more of a challenge. You may find you have to adapt your diet quite a bit to include easy-to-chew foods, forsaking many of your old favorites. While this can be annoying, it will also affect your overall nutrition and you could end up missing out on some of the essential nutrients required for good general health.

What to do if you Have Lost Teeth

If you have lost teeth then you will need to plan for their replacement, preferably as soon as you are able. You don’t have to put up with awkward dentures these days as most people are able to have dental implants. These are the most modern form of tooth replacement and the longest-lasting. The procedure does require a small amount of oral surgery which is best carried out by a dentist nyc such as Dr. Navid Rahmani, a periodontist who regularly places dental implants and who has extensive training in this field. This will ensure you have the best implants for your needs and that they are accurately placed to provide excellent aesthetic results. Dr. Rahmani is also a good dentist to see for extractions as he uses a specialized technique called an atraumatic extraction to carefully remove teeth while preserving the maximum amount of bone and tissue. This is advantageous for dental implant insertion and may reduce the need for a bone graft.

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