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4 Ways to Tell If Your Guy Needs a New 'D
Posted on:Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Girls aren’t the only ones who should update their look. Guys need a pick me up every now and then too. Many men think their options are limited when it comes to changing their hair cut, color, or style. If your guy seems clueless about his need for a new look, you can nudge him in the right direction. Read on to decide if your guy falls into the category of needing a new ‘do based on these several simple statements.

1. He Looks Exactly the Same as the Day You Met Him

Disregard this statement if you have been in a relationship for six months or less. But, if you’ve been in this relationship for a long time, it’s time for him to mix things up. If you hold up a picture of when the two of your started dating and he looks exactly the same, bring this to his attention. He can meet up with a hair stylist nyc at a salon NYC who can give him a free consult and make the right suggestions when it comes to analyzing his hair type, showing him some styling options, and even suggesting a hair color that will bring out his eyes, cover his grays, or simply make him look like a million bucks!

2. His Hair Falls Into Place Naturally

There are so many guys out there that actually wake up, get dressed and don’t touch their hair-at all. This is because their hair is so conditioned with whatever style it has been groomed to that it doesn’t even budge-a bit. And, when it does (like when he wears a hat), it immediately goes back into its designated “place.” Try to make him see how boring for him (and his hair!) it must be to have absolutely zero styling option.

3. He Has Hair Envy
Many men have “Man Crushes” on top celebs and socialites, they just don’t admit it. For those who aren’t afraid to make their admiration known, they seem to try to mimic the celeb’s look and vibe. Try to take note of who your guy strives to look like and send some subtle signals his way about how well the celeb’s hair looks and how your guy should give it a try. When men are complimented and given positive feedback, they are more inclined and ready to make a physical change.

4. He is Showing Signs of Aging

Most men go bald, while those who keep their full head of hair go gray. If your guy is beginning to shed his hair but is trying to hold onto his coveted hairstyle, try to tell him what a no-no that is. He wants to look as he did as he was younger, forever; but his different hair is keeping this from being a reality. Just as his hair changes, his style needs to as well to accommodate his new hair thickness. Also, if your guy seems down in the dumps over his salt and pepper hair, go with him to a hair salon in manhattan to hear what his hair dying options are!
Be a good significant other and help give your guy an updated look that he truly deserves!

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