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Snack Vending Machines are Helping School Children Be Healthy and Fit
Posted on:Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Snack Vending Machines are Helping School Children Be Healthy and Fit

The usual notion attached to a vending machine is that it must give out some junk food in return for some dollars or pennies. Mostly these big machines installed in schools give out candies, chips, sodas, etc. – all junk food. However, some snack vending machines in Florida installed in different school premises can work to promote healthy eating habits.

With people getting more aware, and schools getting more conscious and responsible for providing healthy options to students, academic institutes are offering healthier options like fruits, salads, nuts, baked chips, all natural and fresh fruit juices, etc.

Best Snack Options for School Children

Growing children need nutritious food that is power packed with minerals, vitamins and healthy nutrients. Offering healthy options to children can be a great way to instill healthy eating habits at a young age that they will carry on in their adult years too.

The best options include nutritious cereals, granola bars, baked chips, fresh fruits, fresh fruit juices, raw vegetables, nuts, milk, water, etc. All these, especially nuts are super foods that boost the brain function and help children concentrate better and be alert in class.

Benefits for Schools

With the incredible increase in obesity rates worldwide, many schools are opting to offer healthy food choices to students only. This not only benefits children, but schools too. While there is an obvious monetary benefit, but promoting a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important achievements that a school can accomplish through this. Also, it is a way of acting responsibly, and giving back to the society.

Benefits for Children

Apart from developing a habit of picking healthy food options, children get accustomed to eating nutrient rich foods that can help them grow stronger, sharper and excel academically and in other activities too. Children are able to comprehend and retain material that is taught in classroom sessions. Also, they become more physically active and happy.

How Can Schools Promote Healthy Eating?

While installing vending machines will expose children to healthy snack choices, but to ensure they pick them with good meaningful understanding is even more important. Educating children about the benefits of healthy eating and encouraging them through role play is essential for teachers. Physical exercise classes, gymnasium, cooking classes, yoga classes, play times, etc. offer a great opportunity to teachers to help children become aware of the benefits of healthy eating.    

Make sure you opt for machines that offer good value for money, are hygienic, and dependable. Finding the right one for a school, office or worksite can be quite a task. Shop around online, and look for reliable reviews and recommendations of machines from reputable companies so you can get the one that best fits your needs.


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