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What to Consider When Picking an Area Rug from an Eclectic Scottsdale Furniture Store
Posted on:Friday, August 29, 2014

Choosing the best area rugs to suit your home is like buying a mattress: you will pay more if you know less about it. Area rugs can be quite pricey and picking the perfect one for your home can be tricky. Here’s what you should consider:

The rug should be the focal point in a room

Do not purchase a rug that is too small for the space. If you have a large living room and don’t want to buy one large rug, use two area rugs instead. That way, you can even create two separate living areas.

Also, the rug should provide enough space for your furniture. It should, at least, extend until under the first set of legs on chairs and sofas.

Try experimenting with textures, colors and patterns, as well as with shapes. Rugs, especially the colorful and bold ones, can inspire the rest of the decors you place in the room. Plus, certain patterns on a small rug can actually make your room look bigger.

One size does not fit all

For entrances or transitional spaces that open to stairways or other rooms, the width of the area rug should either be a few inches less or match the door space. It should not be too long or too short. If you are opting for a round area rug for your foyer, place it under a light fixture.

Dining room area rugs should extend beyond the edge of the table and accommodate the dining chairs. Make sure it’s at least 18 inches bigger than the table.

When picking for a rug for your hallway, stretch the length of it and leave a few even spaces on both ends. And remember to keep the furniture off the area rug.

If you are choosing a rug for your home office, opt for something that is big enough to fit both the desk and the chair to prevent chair dragging and you from tripping.

One good rule to keep in mind when buying for your bedroom: Pick an area rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room.

Shop with your eyes

Look for what you want not for what your budget can afford. Aside from stopping by numerous eclectic Scottsdale furniture stores, you should search for ideas and inspirations in magazines. While some of the rugs that you like may be antique, there can probably be available contemporary versions of it in the market today.

In addition, be mindful of which rug manufacturer and brand retailers to purchase from. Make certain that these rug dealers are trusted and reputable to ensure that your purchase is of quality. Stay away from rug sales and the department store. Although area rugs that are sold here are total bargains, these are not the best places to find great and high-quality rugs. Ask referrals from friends. It is also a good idea to browse for area rugs online to see a variety of rug colors, designs, and trends.

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