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What to Consider before Hiring a Phoenix Janitorial Services Provider
Posted on:Friday, August 29, 2014

Hiring the right janitorial service provider is close to an investment. So you need to make certain that you are getting your money’s worth by the quality of service and level of professionalism the company provide.

There are quite a few considerations when choosing an office cleaning company. But when it comes to guaranteeing a positive long-term partnership between the business owner and the Phoenix janitorial services provider, three fairly common topics arise: the company’s products, staff, and equipment.

The Products

Know what type of products your potential janitorial service provider use. Certain products could cause allergic reactions to your employees. Help safe keep their health by knowing the company’s products. If they show any indication of nonchalance in terms of what their staff is using, then they are not the kind of company you will want to clean your building.

Note that residential and commercial products are not entirely the same. Just because you use the product in your home, doesn’t mean that you can use it to sanitize your commercial space, as well. For safety, janitorial service providers are required by law to issue Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each product they use. If you are not familiar with the products they use, ask for its MSDS. They should be able to provide you with one immediately. Otherwise, you should back away.

In addition, you should absolutely inquire about the chemicals they are using. Some companies use environmentally friendly products. These organic cleaning products not only are better and safe, they also cost less than the other cleaning chemicals. Plus, janitorial service providers who use these types of products generally have a lower budget base compared to others that don’t.

You may let the company demonstrate how they handle cleaning and sanitation. Keep in mind that a knowledgeable janitorial service provider will be able to explain to you the uses of their products and why they use them.

The Equipment

A commendable Phoenix janitorial services provider invests on quality equipment to ensure proper sanitation and boost the kind of service they provide. If a company is willing to spend for a variety of equipment, then that means they value your money, and time.

The Staff

Find a cleaning service provider with well-trained and professional staff. In order to guarantee satisfaction, you need experts who are very much experienced in sanitizing commercial buildings and establishments. A professional cleaner lives up to your ideals by performing well and arriving on the dot.

It is also imperative that you get to meet the people who will be coming into your building. It is your responsibility to keep your business safe so you have every right to ask for background checks and enough information to make you feel secure about your potential janitorial service provider.

In addition to trustworthiness and professionalism, they should give meticulous attention to details to make sure every corner and each surface is well-kempt.

Reliability and availability are important assets a professional cleaner should possess, as well. Choose a company like Desert Oasis Cleaners that can be contacted right away at any time. When unexpected matters arise, they should be able to respond to you urgently.


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