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How can VoluPlus and Volufiline Help You Get a Bigger Butt?
Posted on:Tuesday, July 29, 2014

As you probably already know, we recently released the newest Gluteboost product – ourbutt enhancement cream. Even though the product has only been available for a few weeks, we’re already hearing some amazing success stories from our customers. We’re hearing from so many women who have been able to get a bigger butt using our cream daily as directed.

Note: You can read some of these success stories and even share your own Gluteboost journey on our all-new social network Bootifly. It’s the only social network devoted exclusively to butt enhancement. You can sign up and create your own profile, share status updates, upload photos of their Gluteboost results, and so much more. Think of it as Facebook for butt enhancement.

So, how are women getting such amazing results from our butt cream? It’s all about our powerful natural ingredients. While Gluteboost butt cream contains a range of natural ingredients, the two primary active ingredients are VoluPlus and Volufiline. Both of these ingredients work to increase butt size.

VoluPlus—This natural ingredient comes from nutmeg, and it provides a volumizing effect by increasing adipose tissue density in the body. It works on the cells in your body which retain corporal fat, helping to fill out your feminine curves.

Volufiline–This combination of plant extracts works to stimulate the development of fatty tissue in targeted areas of your body. When applied directly, Volufiline works to increase fat in the area that you put it on. This provides permanent results rather than temporary swelling. So when you apply Gluteboost cream directly to the buttocks it provides long-lasting butt enhancement results.

The Perfect Complement to Our Butt Enhancement Pills

Because of our butt cream’s unique formulation, it is the perfect complement to our butt enhancement pills. The VoluPlus and Volufiline in our butt cream work perfectly with the natural ingredients in our butt pills. While the butt cream is applied topically to increase fat production in the targeted areas, our butt enhancement pills work in your body to direct more fat to your butt, while at the same time helping you burn fat in the areas where you don’t want it.

That’s why we recommend that if you want to get the best butt enhancement results, you take our pills and cream together as directed. We also recommend eating a good diet with plenty of healthy fats and exercising regularly to help you get even better results.

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