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Why a professional officiant makes a difference
Posted on:Friday, October 13, 2017

So when you’re dreaming about your big day there’s a few things that come to mind. Probably the dress first, then the gorgeous venue, the delicious cake. Now everyone wants these things, of course, but the truth is, you don’t actually need any of these things be legally married at the end of the day. The only vendor you actually NEED is an officiant: do you remember what they looked like in your dream wedding? You probably didn’t even think about it. But in reality they are the most important person you will invite to the wedding.
As with every other vendor, there are lots of options. You can ‘DIY’ it. Not literally, of course you can’t marry yourself, but almost everyone knows a cousin Barry who got ordained online for a bet. You can go the budget route. You can quickly find someone who will fit you in between his shifts at Barnes and Noble for $100. And then there is a professional officiant. Someone that commits their time to each couple that hires them. Now, yes all these people can perform a legal ceremony (depending on your state requirements), but does that mean they can create a unique and flawless ceremony to set the tone for your entire event? No, it does not. Keep in mind the old adage- you get what you paid for.
The fact is, there is more to officiating a wedding than standing up and reading out of a book for twenty minutes. When this is someone’s profession, they are going to be as dedicated as you are from beginning to end, and they know their reputation rides on their reliability. It will also be essential that they collaborate with the other vendors you have hired for your wedding. Many of our responsibilities overlap, so you want someone who can professionally and efficiently work as a team to create a smooth ceremony. This requires that the officiant has the knowledge and experience to understand when to step in, or when to step back. This is not something that you can research online. It takes training and experience.
That training and experience will also provide the skills necessary to not only predict and prevent unforeseen issues, but also maintain composure and control the ceremony if challenges do arise. Despite all the planning and preparation, there are many uncontrollable variables such as weather, external noise, overbearing family and guests (trust me on this one), technical difficulties and other distractions. A professional officiant will not be thrown off by these events but will remain poised and professional, charmingly reminding everyone that life is a spontaneous adventure! Bottom line, you will be the center of attention and you need to trust your officiant to ensure that you don’t feel awkward on your special day.
In addition to having someone with the expertise to guide you, you also want to know that your vision for your ceremony will be heard and incorporated. As meaningful as it can be to have a family member or friend conduct your ceremony, your close relationship can mean uncomfortable conversations and hurt feelings, instead of the ceremony that represents you. And a longtime church official may be special to you but they may also be bound to a certain doctrine or customs that do not resonate with you. An insightful, professional officiant will take the time to create that personalized touch and will not get offended by your suggestions or wishes. The officiant is the master of ceremonies and they can make or break one of the most important days of your life.


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