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Semainier Bracelets for Women
Posted on:Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Semainier bracelets for women

Women's Trendy Bracelets--

The Semainier Bracelet

The Semainier bracelet is a European inspired fashionable piece of jewelry that originated from the South of France. This women's bracelet is a popular choice for women of all ages! It is a beautiful bracelet that has meaning, making it a perfect gift to women from women, or from a man to a women! Suitable for both casual, trendy or more elegant fashion events, the Semainier bracelet can be worn any time! 

Cty Trend has a variety of jewelry for women at our online store, but the Semainier bracelet is one of our most popular sellers! Generally made up of 7 different bracelets, with charms and different colors and shapes, the Semainier bracelet is unique in that you can wear one, or wear all as it suits you.

Choose one of our unique women's bracelets to highlight your wardrobe. Choose from multi-colored Semainier bracelets to Amber, Black, Pink or Red, the Semainier bracelets are beautifully hand crafted by Cty Trend's custom jewelry designer, Chantal Gavriel.  Offering a unique collection of women’s jewelry has made Chantal's vision a reality through trend-setting originality and high style custom jewelry for her clients and customers. Cty Trend provides high quality, European inspired hand crafted unique jewelry and jewelry designs for women that are both luxurious and playful  for women all over the world!


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