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How much does a website cost?
Posted on:Friday, June 13, 2014

With only days away from launch, I chose to go ahead and write my first blog for the site even thought it’s not officially live yet. I won’t even be telling “all” of my 50 fans on Facebook when it’s live either. Sometimes you have to roll with it and in this case, I’m rolling with it. Some things will probably need tweaking but not many. It has been 6 months plus of working on the CSD site…not sure of hours, will have to tally that up later. And I think it’s high time to make it live.

So, come Friday the site will be up and this post will be old already but I wanted to have an outlet to just type some thoughts and this was the perfect platform.

Recently a prospective client asked how much a website costs these days, and I said it ranges tremendously. I also told him you can probably get one from GoDaddy for less than $200 bucks, but will it perform to your expectations or maybe you don’t have any and simply want an online presence no matter how boring and cookie cutter it looks. If so, well then go for it, what’s stopping you? However, if you’re a serious entrepreneur or business owner have done your homework, then you know how important it is.

Some additional advice would be to find the best studios and see what they charge and take a look at their work. Then find second tier studios and also check out their work, you’ll start to see the difference and what money can buy you in terms of a superior online presence. Then look at GoDaddy and similar options. What’s the difference?

Some studios won’t talk to you unless you are looking to invest serious money, while others will work with you. Assuming you’re not interested in sub quality work then it will be a moderate investment. However, your ROI should be covered fairly quickly should you have all the right tools working for you. Nowadays you must have a social presence and be actively using it. You should also have a professional online presence. And an app would be icing on the cake. Having all the right tools in place and actively working for you is paramount in your success. Oh, and it goes without saying that you should have a product or service people find useful enough to buy.


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