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Posted on:Thursday, February 20, 2014

Does anyone even know what VHS stands for? Do we remember? Have we forgotten? Have you forgotten that you have them? Do you even have a VHS player anymore? VHS = Video Home System in case you were wondering.
I have several VHS tapes from the day my daughter was born till about the age of 5 when we acquired a digital camera. 5 years of video; she's now 10. But not just of my daughter, but other family members, friends, the BIG SNOW STORM, the birds on the bird feeder. Shall I go on? A lot of what I have on tape is just fluff. Nothing I really need to keep or desire to watch over and over gain. This poses a problem. When I do want to look back at the years when my daughter was little and drooling and trying to crawl, I have to FF through all the fluff. (FF = Fast Forward, remember?)Thankfully there is technology out there that allows you to cut out those fluff moments where nothing is really going on or being said or maybe you and your spouse are having an argument in the back ground about about the angle of the video camera or the older kids are yelling. Those moments can be cut out or even drowned out by some music, turning these unfavorable moments into a montage of memorable moments. These moments can be shared, duplicated and given as gifts or given to the children when they grow up.SysQuick Media has just this technology and not only can we edit the fluff, we can create a masterpiece out of your media using transitions, titles, menus and music of your choice. We can add still photos between the videos creating transitional breaks. Movie night will never be the same with your own multi-media production.Give us a call 443-231-5627 for more information. We will lovingly take your memories and turn it into something that will revive your collection.


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