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Pest damage
Posted on:Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Remodel a Bathroom After Water & Termite Damage Before remodeling the bathroom after water and termite harm, the whole home must be tented to guarantee the termites are wrecked. Termites bite wood, and if there are any abandoned, they will duplicate and crush the new wood. Assuming that the water harm was far reaching, the flooring and the walls ought to be replaced, as dark mold may structure inside the walls and between the flooring and the subfloor. Dark mold may cause respiratory scatters in the event that it products.

1.Turn off the water to the bathroom. The close off valve for the toilet is as a rule found under the tank. The close off valve for the sink is generally found under the sink. Provided that there are no closed off valves, stop the water from the main valve to the house.

2.Remove the sink, the sink cabinet and the toilet. To remove the sink, disengage the plumbing under the sink utilizing the torques. Remove the channels (sink empty) from under the sink. To remove the toilet, flush it to exhaust the tank. Remove the two jolts inside the tank to remove the tank. Remove the jolts from the toilet to the floor. Pry the toilet off the floor (precisely, unless you are replacing the toilet). Remove the wax ring around the toilet channel.

3.Pull the sheet rock or other wall covering off the studs utilizing the paw hammer. Provided that there is mold behind the sheet rock, clean the mold from the studs. When clean, shower the territories with a light clouding of fade. Permit all ranges to dry completely.

4.Hang the new wall covering. In the event that you are utilizing sheet rock tape, mud and sand the breaks and the nail heads. You may need to rehash taping, mudding and sanding if the spaces can still be felt after you sand. Finalize off the walls, if required (i.e., paint or wallpaper).

5.Reinstall the toilet and the sink in the opposite request of removal. Turn on the water and check for holes.


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