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Hyaluronic Acid Can Help You With Your Arthritis
Posted on:Sunday, March 23, 2014

There is a significant increase in arthritis patients recently. It is estimated that 20 million people in US are suffering from this joint disorder which limits their daily physical activity. Sometimes it also leads to physical disability. This is why scientists are intensively researching to discover the best and the safest treatment for it. Although anti-drug methods like exercises and some medications can provide pain relief, they are not always permanent. This makes hyaluronic acid the major subject of research as it plays an important role in our bone health.

As hyaluronic acid is a thick jelly like substance, the way it surrounds our joints and bones allows us to move easily. It gives flexibility to our body and it is naturally present in almost every cell. Most of the times, arthritis is due to the absence or lack of HA. So, injecting hyaluronic acid covers that deficiency and provides pain relief. You can find different qualities of HA in the market. This makes it important that you consult your doctor to know what dosage and quality will work best for you.

Till now, research has revealed that hyaluronic acid can be a safe treatment for arthritis. However, its effectiveness is still not well-known. It may be the pain level of arthritis a patient is suffering from which determines how much relief HA will give, but no one can confirm this yet. However, the best thing is that there are no serious side effects known for HA injections. It may cause temporary pain or inflammation on the joint or at most an infection, but that is less harmful from liver diseases due to excessive use of pain killers. So, you can say that HA treatment may be expensive, but it is safe as compared to other drug medications.

It is clear that hyaluronic acid can help you with your arthritis pretty well. However, this cannot be used as an excuse to depend on this single treatment. Physical exercises are important to keep you in shape and your bones working. Other medications and pain killers can boost the recovery process and give you even better results.

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