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Education By Entertainment Recommendations for Birthday Celebrations
Posted on:Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Education by Entertainment offers outstanding, memorable programs to include at birthday celebrations for special adventuresome (and/or not so adventuresome) family members, colleagues, students and friends.  We also offer suggestions for the "Do It Yourself" party planner at no charge. 

Check out our six page album What Should You Expect From Education By Entertainment Birthday Celebrations? on SlideShare to see:

  • Our objectives which combining having a ton of fun and learning a lot, too!

  • Major features of our birthday celebrations

  • A few of our group games

  • Some of our “on stage” individual activities

  • An assortment of special recognition photos.

You’ll see why we say “the surprises begin when the blindfold goes on.”  If you prefer to do the event programming yourself, the album may provide ideas for you.


We also offer a special website for people organizing their own birthday celebrations with lots of free ideas.  We aren't selling products on the site, just offering lots of ideas to help make your celebration memorable and fun.  So,if you are organizing a special birthday celebration for your adventuresome (and/or not so adventuresome) friends or family members, please check out our website.  Our website URL for the person organizing a do it yourself birthday celebration is: http://www.SuggestionsForBirthdays.Com.

Questions? Call or write to us.

We are pleased to answer questions and offer recommendations for do it yourself sponsors at no charge.

Also, please read our article in thirty something magazine titled Is Preparing Your Photo Album An Afterthought?


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