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Aerationg & Your Lawn
Posted on:Friday, November 22, 2013

What is aeration?

Aeration, is almost exactly what is sounds like...adding air to the soil. The process of aeration is very simple, remove small pieces (called plugs or cores) of your lawn in order to let air and nutrients get into those holes. This, in turn, makes it easier for grass to grow full and healthy and is vital to restoring your lawn.

When should I aerate?

Aeration is usually done in the Spring or Fall and your preference likely depends on your experience. However, in either case, the goal is to aerate your lawn in cool weather. In extremely hot temperatures the holes will end up drying out and damaging the lawn. Generally speaking September and October are prime time for aeration, but if you find yourself behind this season remember to allow at least four weeks of growing time prior to the first frost in order to give you grass some time to get established.

Why should I do it?

The process works like this:

A large machine pulls plugs of dirt and grass out of the lawn or turf area. The plugs are between 1" and 3" long. The depth of the hole can usually be adjusted on the machine that you use to aerate. The are removed from the ground and either disposed of, or left to break down into the soil. These holes do a number of things to help make the lawn healthier.

1. Oxygen is allowed to penetrate the soil

2. Water and other nutrients move through the dirt

3. Roots have room to grow deeper and stronger

4. Thatch buildup is lessened

5. Grass seeds make better contact with soil


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