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Custom Plush Toys for Your Business
Posted on:Thursday, August 8, 2013

Use furry critters to help get your brand or message out there and heard. We’re not saying you have to go and buy puppies for each and every person you are either trying to communicate cause to or promote your band to; but if you want to go buy live puppies or kittens for everyone then you should go for it—totally kidding. When it comes to finding an adorable way to promote your brand; custom stuffed animals are the way to go.


Why use stuffed animals?


Stuffed animals are an adorable and cozy way to reach people. Children and adults will both love to have a stuffed animal that is sending your message across. Whatever your business may be about; everyone will want to get their hands on one to keep for themselves and take home. This is a powerful and easy way to ensure that your branded custom product does not get thrown away or forgotten.


Stuffed animals are an especially great way to connect with children. If you are promoting some sort of safety awareness campaign for children to be safe naming the custom plush toy and making them a mascot will be a huge and simple way to engage children and get them to participate and understand.


Who can use stuffed animals?


Virtually any and every company can use stuffed animals and plush toys to their advantage. Our different styles for plush/stuffed animals are great and can work for your next event—whatever that may be. Our wide variety will allow you to choose from sea critters to land mammals. All of which are cute, cuddly, and customizable.


Custom stuffed animals can be perfect to represent a school, business, or sports team mascot! If you are hosting a pet festival these can also be used to promote and give a keepsake as well. Banks, among other businesses, can also use these as promotional giveaway items. They’re a fantastic way of giving clients/customers a thoughtful gift while promoting your business and brand.


Here’s what we offer.


We offer you a wide variety of plush animals, bean bag style animals, sea critter safely wrapped in inner tubes, and even key-chains in case you are looking for a less expensive and mobile form. All of our stuffed animals are made from a high quality material! We also offer a wide range of pricing so that you may find plush that will fit with-in your budget.


All of these offer you space a perfectly sized space for your logo to look spectacular. Your choice of outfit i.e. doctor’s lab coat, hoodie, t-shirt, and even cheerleading outfits, among others, are available for some of our stuffed land mammal toys. You choose the color of the shirt, outfit, or inner tube—just depending on what kind of critter you end up going for.


We love making these stuffed animals to better represent your brand or event. Give us a call or start up a chat if you have any further questions (1-877-287-9287). If you need suggestions on which stuffed animal or plush to use for your even we are happy to help and are happy to create some digital proofs to send to you so that you may get a better idea of how the finished product will look.


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