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air duct sealing
Posted on:Wednesday, January 13, 2016

the average home leaks 30% of the air provided by your heating and cooling system. the epa states sealing your air ducts is the single most important repair you can do to your home . these leaks develop in the duct work at every seam and the main unit,they spill conditioned air into wall cavitys , crawlspaces and attics,to escape your home this causes an unbalanced flow of air to your vents and produces hot and cold zones,excess dust, excess utility bills , and decreased life of hvac system by years. there are solutions to these problems we can seal your air duct from the inside with a state of the art flow seal machine this machine determines before and after seal leakage rates while sealing the ducts from the inside. we have solved many homes hot and cold zone issues,reduced utility bills and saved years of life on many hvac units


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