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Different type of label dispenser machine
Posted on:Thursday, June 27, 2013

The most important use of label dispensers is that it helps in reducing labor costs. Operator exhaustion can be finished away with. There will be lesser number of labels wasted. It is simple to use and require small maintenance.

Three types of dispensers

1.Manual Label dispensers

2.Semi automatic Label Machine

3.Electric Label Dispenser

After years of testing and research, the original Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers will now offer a photoelectric sensor on all dispenser models!

Manual Label dispenser

The manual label dispenser is used yourself and is a light duty machine. It is used to peel off the backing paper, lighter than the label, and apply the label at the fitting place on the packaging. The label can be made of paper, vinyl or still polyester for a wall mount or a table top.

Semi automatic Label Machine

The semi automatic label dispenser is used for labels with multiple rows. This machine, instead of manually pulling off the backing sheet, a trigger, normally a foot-switch is used. This is good quality for use in industries this can be used for bulk mailing. These dispensers save time, avoid machine down time, and give high production.

Electric Label Dispenser

An electric label dispenser is used when the volume of packaging is big. This machine removes the backing paper the sheets. Its normal speed and high speed electric dispensers, it is good for a cleaner working environment.

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