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Marketing Online
Posted on:Sunday, August 11, 2013

As the 21 Century pushes forward with new technological advances daily it is crucial for marketing departments to keep up! Much of the marketing has gone to content marketing, social media and visuals. Sharing, twitting, liking, pinning….these are the phrases that marketing departments must submit too!
Visuals have always played a key role in any marketing, it is the most important factor in a presentation and the first thing that gets noticed. It can make or break a sell in a matter of seconds, encouraging your audience to look further into your information and services….or instantly make them search for something that “feels” better. Which means looks better.
The quality of the visuals can play a huge role in the perception of your company as a well established choice or a company that may seem unqualified.
Online marketing is the most important thing a business can do! You only have a matter of seconds to entice the viewer to not keep searching the enormous amount of competition you have online!
So how do you stay ahead in this online marketing race?
First you need to make sure your site is easy to navigate, the information is easy to find, it is enticing, interactive, visually pleasing, and memorable.
Because it does not matter if you can be found, if your website is not pleasing and the user gets lost trying to find the information they are looking for, they will click off and easily click on someone else!
There are many powerful online marketing tools available, many techniques and secrets to keep up with the cutting edge online world. Each being it’s own piece to the puzzle of online sales.
High Quality, feature rich virtual tours for instance have a the ability now to not only entice with visuals, but they are interactive, can contain all of the necessarily information, be it text, video, audio, PDFs, maps, links……they are full screen and there is really no better way to emerge the virtual world into your physical location! Virtual tours are powerful online marketing tools that should not be over looked!


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