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Bankruptcy In Placerville CA
Posted on:Wednesday, January 1, 2014

When you file bankruptcy in Placerville you are filing in the Eastern District of California. Yes, El Dorado County is located in the Eastern District of California, not the Northern District.

Before you decide where to file your bankruptcy petition you will have to determine what chapter is best for you. Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires you to pass the means test or qualify under the safe harbor provision. To qualify under the safe harbor your income must be lower than the median income for a household of your size in California. This can be difficult for some Placerville residents to satisfy, so those with incomes higher than the state median must pass the means test. To see if you pass the means test you'll need to speak a bankruptcy lawyer in Placerville.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy usually requires an attorney, but since your income may be higher than chapter 7 filers this may not be a problem.


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