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It’s time to pamper yourself!
Posted on:Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Somatic Massage Therapy, PC is a one stop performance center that solely focuses on making you feel better! Our services range from a complete array of pain management solutions to extremely gratifying facials…and everything in between!

Have you been thinking of something “different” to do for yourself? You owe it to your senses to visit Somatic Massage Therapy, PC as soon as possible! 

First step toward a new you!

Visit us at somatic Massage and review all the options you have to feel great and look great! We offer a free consultation that enables you to have all your questions answered. Our staff at Somatic Massage Therapy, PC consist of highly skilled, knowledgeable and Licensed Therapists that know how your body works, what it takes to relieve pain and soothe aching joints and how to pamper you so that you have a noticeable difference!


Our Somatic Massage Therapy, PC environment is relaxing. From the moment you enter you’ll remove the outside world and make the transition to an inspiring, comfortable and stimulating experience. You’ll re-enter the world with a different perspective because you have empowered your greatest asset, you!

Services offered

Are you seeking relief from pain? We have a complete format and pain relief strategies that will specifically address your areas of concern. Stiff and sore? Our Licensed therapists know exactly what to do to remedy your stiff and sore muscles. Most important is that each movement is gentle and precise, bringing soothing relief to your troubled areas. Want your skin to be glowing and vibrant? Ask about our Steam Canopy treatment and our Sugar Scrub facials. Unbelievable how good they make you look and feel. It’s almost as though we’re removing the old an introducing the new you!

Busy but want to feel better?

How about we come to you? We have a mobile chair massage that is very efficient and obtains amazing results that can relieve tension, tightness and sore muscles. A few minutes out of your day can bring you results that will empower you for the rest of your day and perhaps your week! All of us are more effective when we are free from stress and soreness…make a decision to feel better and be more productive with our Somatic Massage Therapy, PC Mobile Chair Massage!
Pre Natal Massage

Special health concerns and changes require specialized attention and treatments. Our Somatic Massage team of Licensed therapists know the specific changes your body goes through during pregnancy.

We will increase circulation that stimulates more oxygen in your system…perfect for your “growing” condition! Reduce swelling and insomnia with our exclusive Pre Natal Massage session…many of our clients utilize our Pre Natal services throughout their term. Comfort, relaxation and improved blood circulation will offer you noticeable relief and relaxation that you want and need!

In-Home Treatments

Are you home bound and needing relief? Contact us now! We will come to your home and give you complete treatment!

The time is now to feel better, look better and feel rejuvenated! Visit us online at Somatic Massage or call us at 516.686.9557. You have nothing to lose but pain, stress, anxiety and dead skin!


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