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What to Expect at Your Child's First Visit to the Dentist
Posted on:Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Taking your children to the dentist in an early age is very beneficial for their oral health. We recommend taking your child to his or her first dental appointment around six months from the arrival of their first tooth, which is usually around a first birthday. Many may think that their children don’t have the need to see a dentist, but this first visit is important to get them acquainted with the dentist and the dental office. Additionally, the dentist will conduct an exam to be sure that the teeth are developing correctly and to be sure there is no sign of possible decay.

You can expect your child’s first visit to be short, and very relaxed. At our dental office, we will try to make the visit as fun as possible so that the child will want to come back. Our kid-friendly dentists will check for any possible decay, gums, jaw, oral tissues and bite for correct alignment and dental development. We also share tips for parents regarding toddler teething, oral habits and health care basics or any questions you have.

Routine visits should be completed approximately every six months if no complication is detected. However, if you see any discoloration or any possible problem, you should take him or her sooner. Visit our dental office for a guaranteed exceptional first visit for your child with our talented dentist, Dr. Lim. Call today!


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