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Outdoor Stonework
Posted on:Thursday, September 12, 2013

outdoor stonework stone wall Yorktown, Heights, NYOutdoor stone work is an integral part of outdoor masonry and beautifies and enriches homes across the country. There are nine major kinds of outdoor stone work and other minor categories. Major recognized kinds of stone work include walls, arches and gates, patios, outdoor cooking areas, stone seats and tables, pathways, steps, gardens, and water features. Within the major categories of outdoor stone work are various subheadings.

Stone walls are inclusive of garden walls, patio walls, retaining walls, and more. Stone walls may be composed of granite, concrete, natural stone, brick, or other types of stone. Within the category of arches can be included stone posts that stand on either side of a gate.

Patios may also include the stone walk area around a backyard pool, and other related entertainment areas. Patios may be constructed of granite, well placed concrete stones, slate slabs, natural stone, brick, or many other types of stone. Outdoor cooking areas are frequently built on or near a patio, but are still considered a separate category of outdoor stone work. Outdoor cooking construction include fire pits, stone chimneys, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor grills. Stone tables and chairs are usually built on patios and are a separate category of outdoor stone work.

Stone paths and walkways are an important type of stone work. Stone walkways can be built of a variety of stone types including brick, concrete pavers, slate, granite, bluestone, or natural stone. Stones may be fitted together tightly in natural patterns or separated by spaces filled with grass and other natural vegetation. Pathways may include garden pathways, walkways around the side of the home, pathways through a wooded area or along a water feature. Kissing cousins of pathways are stone driveways. Frequently patios and pathways are created in a matching style and the pathway branches off from the patio. Typical patio-pathway combo stonework might be made of split rock, granite, or decorative concrete.

Steps are another class of outdoor stonework. Steps can lead from the house to the garden, from the dwelling to the patio, or from the patio to the grass and or garden.

Rock gardens are a beauty endowing type of outdoor stone work. Stone used to embellish gardens can vary in size from tiny crushed pebbles to a big accent boulder. Stone wall planters, stone ornaments, and sculptures can serve a similar function as rocks arranged in gardens.

Stones are commonly used for the construction of outdoor water features. Water features might include drains, stone water sluices, waterfalls, and runoff irrigation channels. Some irrigation channels are made so the rock basin itself becomes an attractive part of the landscape when it becomes visible during a dry spell.

Stone work can also be used to make cairns and labyrinths. Cairns are a man-made pile or stack of stones, often found in uplands, moorland, mountaintops, near waterways, sea cliffs, or on the barren tundra.

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