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TYPES OF ACUTE CARE HOSPITALS-Astoria Urgent Care-walk in clinic Queens NY
Posted on:Monday, December 5, 2011

According to The State of Connecticut Office of Health Care Access, acute care hospitals are facilities that provide treatment or surgical services for people on a short term basis for disease or trauma. An acute care hospital requires a license from the Department of Health of the state it serves. There are many different types of acute care hospitals that serve the population. Each of these facilities has a unique function.

One Day Surgery Center

One day surgery centers provide surgeries that does not require a hospital stay. People that come to these centers are treated and then discharged to the comfort of their homes to recover. These hospitals are equipped to deal with almost any complication that might occur during the procedure and usually have laboratory and diagnostic testing availability. The released patients are provided with medications for pain or discomfort and instructions on what to do if any complications or side effects from the surgery are seen.
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Urgent Care Center

An urgent care center is a place where people can go for treatment if they do not have a primary physician or if their physician's office is closed during the time treatment is needed. It is commonly used to treat people who are not sick enough to go to the emergency room but who need medical care for an illness or a mild injury. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, Astoria Urgent care center is helpful with the proper utilization of medical services. It can essentially help to reduce the cost of medical care and reduce the number of people that go to an emergency room for treatment that could be obtained from a physician's office. Urgent care visits can be cheaper than an emergency room visit and they are commonly billed like a specialty visit for most insurance companies. Urgent care centers have an available diagnostic center for getting x-rays and a lab for doing blood work. They do not admit patients, and if the patient's condition requires them to be in the hospital an ambulance is called or the family transfers the patient to the closest hospital.

Emergency Department

Astoria Urgent Medical provides high-quality care for patients in Astoria Queens NY ( Walk-in Clinic Queens )who “need to see a doctor right now”.
Emergency departments are available at almost every hospital. They are used to treat people that have had a traumatic injury or a serious illness. Emergency rooms are often fully equipped with facilities for diagnostic and laboratory testing. They can also run any kind of tests that are more invasive such as heart catheterization. In addition, they can also offer emergency surgery. They are also equipped to monitor patients without them having to be fully admitted to the hospital. Emergency services should be reserved for patients that need immediate assistance, and with the help of the newer urgent care centers this is now more feasible.

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