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Leather Care
Posted on:Friday, April 17, 2015


If you want your vehicle's leather to retain it's beauty, you must take care of it, clean it and condition it. It is much easier to spend a little time protecting and conditioning your vehicle's leather, than spending the money to save it after it has been damaged.
Leather surfaces are just like beautiful, delicate skin. Leather must be carefully cleansed before it can be properly conditioned. As leather ages, it loses essential protectants infused into the leather during the manufacturing process. That leaves the leather susceptible to dirt, oils, and UV damage. To keep leather looking and feeling its best, you must first clean it and then replace the lost moisture and protection.

First you need to select a pure leather cleaner that is free of petroleum solvents, silicone oils, or gloss agents. It should be applied with a microfiber application pad/towel or a leather and vinyl scrub brush. It is important to use an agitating motion, NOT a scrubbing motion. Agitation opens the pores of the leather and allows dirt and body oils to rise to the surface of the leather where it can be wiped away.

After cleaning your leather thoroughly, the next step is to apply a high quality leather conditioner. High quality conditioners are designed to nourish and moisturize your leather. They are engineered to absorb deep into your vehicles' leather fibers' cells, allowing the fibers to retain their resilience, and prohibit premature aging.
IMPORTANT! Inexpensive conditioners leave a greasy finish that can transfer to clothing. For the best results select a water-based, pH-balanced leather conditioner.

With a little time and proper care, your vehicle's leather will remain soft, supple, and inviting for years to come!
If you have any questions on caring for your car just give us a call at 818.909.5444 or visit our website at! We are here to help you.
Happy driving!


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