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We Love MLK At JoJo's Massage!
Posted on:Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy MLK Day from JOJo's Massage!

When I study for my American Citizenship, we had to syudy about Martin Luther King.

He fight very hard for freedom, but he don't like violence. He take care of everything peacefully. Even people are violent against him, he always love them.

He change the world with love.

Do you know that love will help you live longer. Married people, people with pets, religious people, always live longer. Why? One common thing... t's LOVE!

Love reduces stress, less stress means happpier life. Happy life mean (usually) longer life.

Asian Massage reduce stress a lot.

I know that some people do not have family to love. Many people are very lonely.

Well, no problem, you can come see us for and hour or two every week, we will be your friend, we will help relieve stress from your life.

You ca walk In anytime, no problem.

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